Monday, June 28, 2010

$2,000 reward for finding beloved pet parrot, no questions asked

$1,000 reward if you can find our beloved parrot Hong Hong
STOMPer Sin Pei Lee has yet to find her beloved pet parrot, Hong Hong. She is offering $2,000 as a reward to anyone who finds Hong Hong.

The owners previously offered $1,000 in an earlier article.

The STOMPer said:

“My pet parrot, Hong Hong, flew out of our flat at Blk 262A Compassvale Street at about 9pm of June 3. Hong Hong is a Congo African Grey parrot, tame and talkative.

"The reward is $2000 if found and retrieved. No questions asked. Please contact [redacted].

"Thursday night marked the 3rd week since Hong Hong was lost and as I sat alone in my living room, I finally cried out for the first time.

"I cried because as I recite Hong Hong favorite line; "Nie hou ma?"(How are you? in Mandarin), I realised I no longer know how Hong Hong is and whether or not Hong Hong is being well treated. Hong Hong, nie hou ma?

"I kept staring at Hong Hong's cage & playstand while my crying continues. Both the cage & playstand is filled with toys for Hong Hong to chew & play with.

"Hong Hong, are you having any toys now?

"In the past 3 weeks, my husband and I has done loads of things to find Hong Hong. We kept ticking on one after another action that can be done to find Hong Hong...

"We contacted the SPCA, AVA, Jurong Birdpark, posted on websites & forums, posting flyers to mailboxes, getting contractor to post more flyers to HDB door-to-door, visiting birdshops, walking & calling Hong Hong at HDB floor by floor and checking out online day after day.

"Yet Hong Hong is still missing.

"We have also encountered many helpful & compassionate people and would like to thank them as below:

"1) Ivan of Jurong Birdpark, Ridzuan of AVA & staff of SPCA (contacted me via phone so I forgot the name)

"2) Our fellow neighbour at Block 290A Sengkang who informed us of Hong Hong flying in then out of his house (again, we didn't get his name)

"3) Mr. John of ATW, our flyer contractor who prioritize our flyer distribution to within the 1st week.

"4) Staff at STOMP for posting out my story. (including this, the 3rd time)

"5) Mr Chew of Colchester Grove who contacted us on an african grey parrot flying into his garden on June 17 (it's not Hong Hong and we were unable to help since the parrot also flew off when my husband reach there)

"6) Mr. KY Wong of Shin Min Daily News who noticed the STOMP story & followed up with a newspaper article on June 21

"7) Supportive fellow members of various forums, bird shops owner and many others.

"We no longer have any further actions that can be done aside from posting online.

"Please help us to find Hong Hong back."

$2,000 reward for finding beloved pet parrot, no questions asked

I guess this owner must really adore her African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus); this is the 3rd time she has posted about her missing parrot, with the previous reports dating to 20th June and 7th June.