Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yikes! Snake found in my QQ

 Yikes! Snake found in my QQ
STOMPer Angela got the shock of her life when she spotted a python in her car.

In an email to STOMP yesterday (Nov 16), the STOMPer said:

"On Nov 12, I drove my car to work at Loyang. After parking my car and opening the door, the 'thing' caught my eye. I jumped out of my car and called my boss.

"We then called the pest control people to catch the python.

"The car was parked at my office carpark for 4 nights when my family went for a holiday at Genting. No idea how it got in but we suspect that there was grass pruning over the weekend and it might have destroyed the python's home.

"Last weekend was quite a wet one so maybe it decided to stay put in my car.

"It did not attack anyone or scare me while I am driving. If it did, I cannot imagine what might have happened.

"The interesting part is that it was in my car for so long and yet it did not disturb anyone."

 Yikes! Snake found in my QQ

It certainly is a very interesting place for a reticulated python (Broghammerus reticulatus) to seek refuge, but it's not the first time a snake has been found hiding in a car. It's likely that in cold weather, a snake might attempt to conserve heat by crawling inside a car.

There are 2 recent stories from the United Kingdom and Florida about snakes in cars, and there is actually a similar incident that took place in Loyang during this same period of time last year. At least in these cases, the snakes were captured unharmed, unlike the snake in this particular incident.