Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photos from Tampines bushfires: Part 2


This is a continuation of my previous post on the bushfires that took place along a particular stretch of Tampines Avenue 9. Jeremy Chin, who submitted his photos to STOMP, has kindly shared his photos with me.

Here are his photos of the bushfire that took place on 3rd March 2010, some of which were posted on this submission to STOMP.


Thanks so much to Jeremy for sharing his photos and for allowing me to post them on my own blog. Credit also goes to STOMP for having posted his submissions in the first place. While I do not care for much of the content that goes up on STOMP, there are quite a few relevant or interesting posts that deserve to be shared and publicised. Whether it is about wildlife sightings, explorations of our parks and nature areas, human misbehaviour or ignorance, many of the posts on STOMP do serve as a platform for education and awareness with regards to local issues to do with nature and the environment.

Part 1: Bushfire at Tampines, 30th January 2009
Part 2: Bushfire at Tampines, 3rd March 2010 (this post)