Friday, June 1, 2012

Catching up with the Festival of Biodiversity

If you missed the Festival of Biodiversity, you can get a glimpse of the fun and festivities through the many blog posts and photo albums that have been uploaded so far. Jocelyne has helpfully compiled them all over here on the Festival of Biodiversity blog.

Storify is turning out to be an excellent tool to collate information from many different online platforms, and Gladys and I worked together to create this Storify of the entire Festival of Biodiversity:

I've also done the same for some of the talks that people attended and live-tweeted.

Dragonflies of Singapore
by Tang Hung Bun
(Live-tweeted by myself)

Public Symposium on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation
by BirdLife International and Nature Society (Singapore)
(Live-tweeted by Ezra Ho)

Conserving South-east Asia's biodiversity: mission impossible?
by Yong Ding Li and Andie Ang
(Live-tweeted by Gladys and Debby)

November and Olivia also live-tweeted a dialogue in honour of Prof Tommy Koh's work in environmental policy, particularly leading up to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Not exactly part of the Festival of Biodiversity, but it's relevant in terms of how Singapore's biodiversity and the state of the environment are affected by policymakers and government decisions.

And perhaps most importantly (I kid), I had friends live-tweeting my own talk.

Bodies of evidence: A morbid celebration of biodiversity
by Ivan Kwan
(Live-tweeted by Jiaxin and Weiting)

I'm really starting to get the hang of Storify, and I think I'll write about its features, advantages, and drawbacks in the near future.