Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Strange insect with face on its back

 Strange insect with face on its back
STOMPer Jason saw this strange insect at his home in Tampines Street 71 yesterday (October 21).

The insect, which is mostly yellow on the body, with black and white parts on it, seems to have a 'face' on its back, with a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Jason said:

"Found this strange looking insect with a 'face' in my house yesterday.

"My wife found it at our service balcony. She was shocked and she covered it with a plastic container. Not sure if it could fly."

The STOMPer said the insect was already dead when he found it.

It's a shield bug that goes by the name of Catacanthus incarnatus, and is apparently native to much of Southeast Asia.

(Photo by Casperonian!)

Chinese Garden;
(Photo by andrewtansj)

This species seems to be relatively popular among insect collectors, due to its distinctive and unique appearance.