Saturday, April 24, 2010

Overgrown plants around this overhead bridge creeps me out

 Overgrown plants around this overhead bridge creeps me out
STOMPer Weak heart claims that he prays for divine protection every time he crosses this bridge as the plants are so overgrown that he fears that snakes or spiders might slither out and attack him.

In his email to STOMP, the STOMPer wrote:

"These pictures were taken at the overhead pedestrian bridge that links the Ghim Moh HDB estate to East Sussex Lane.

"This bridge spans the KTM land and I have to pray for divine protection each time I cross this bridge.

"The branches from the trees hang down until they almost reach your head and the bougainvillea plants grow until part of the bridge is blocked.

"I always have this morbid fear of snakes and spiders slithering down the branches to attack my head and body.

"My fear is compounded when the sun sets and the street lamps are turned on.

"I hope the branches can be trimmed off to allay my fear of creepy slimy creatures that lurk in the branches especially at night."

 Overgrown plants around this overhead bridge creeps me out

Seriously, I have no idea why this particular idiot submits such nonsense time and time again, and why STOMP always willingly posts such dreck.

My sympathies if you are genuinely so afflicted by all these phobias, but really, I'm not buying your nonsense anymore. I call bullshit on you and all your fictitious phobias.

I mean, would you look at all that he has posted to date?

"As one who is achluophobic, I fear the eclipse of the sun, a moonless night and a car park enshrouded in darkness. I hope these creepers can be removed soon."

"Whenever I wait here for the bus to arrive, I have a sense of trepidation that there might be hornets and snakes lurking in the bushes. I hope the creepers could be removed for public safety."

"Since young I was diagnosed as ophidiophobic and arachnophobic and these creepy creatures make my blood run cold. I hope these creepers could be removed so that I have peace of mind whenever I cross this overhead bridge."

"Whenever I cross this bridge, I have an ominous feeling that some spiders, worms, caterpillars or snakes might be lurking in the branches. The branches of this mango tree have grown until they touch the railings and this compounds my fear of creepy crawling insects. From young I have been arachnophobic, scoleciphobic and ophidiophobic and I hope LTA will send its workers to cut off these protruding branches."

"This palm tree near the bus stop bears flowers twice a year and during the flowering season, swarms of bees are attracted to the flowers. I hope the Town Council will not plant such trees in housing estates as they attract bees."


I know I sound very callous and insensitive, but please do us all a favour and just stay at home. This way there won't be any trees, bushes, or creepers with imaginary horrors threatening your apparently fragile constitution.