Monday, February 16, 2009

Firemen battle hilltop bush-fire in Bukit Batok

Firemen battle hilltop bush-fire in Bukit Batok
A STOMPer saw a bush-fire at Bukit Batok West Avenue 2 at about 5.30pm today (Feb 16).

He said:

"I was passing by the area when I saw smoke coming from a forested part of the area.

"A huge part of Bukit Batok is covered in smoke.

"SCDF officers were already there battling the fire."

STOMP contacted the SCDF and it said that it received a call at 4.43pm informing them of the fire.

They deployed one fire engine, two fire bikes and one red rhino and arrived at the scene within 6 minutes.

SCDF said its officers were still battling the fire as it was on an inaccessible hilltop, as the report was being made.

Firemen battle hilltop bush-fire in Bukit Batok

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The image quality is so lousy, I have absolutely no idea what the photographs are supposed to depict.

The area affected does not appear to be situated very close to Bukit Batok Nature park, Bukit Batok Town Park or Little Guilin, so for now, there's no need to panic about the parks going up in flames. In any case, I think it's extremely likely that the somewhat hazy conditions that we've been experiencing are at least partly caused by all these bushfires erupting all over the place.

Over on my end of the island, I'm glad that the short-lived downpour over at my workplace in Pasir Ris helped to alleviate the heat a little. Hopefully, we'll get more rain in the coming weeks.