Thursday, February 19, 2009

Through the fire and the flames: A collection of news articles and Seen on STOMP posts on bushfires and haze in Singapore

This post will serve as a repository for all news articles and Seen on STOMP posts regarding the current spate of bushfires and hazy conditions in Singapore. Instead of having to manually update and re-publish every fire-related post every time I have a new article, I've decided that it would be much more efficient for me to just update this single post, and link all the relevant posts to this one.

News articles: In case of fire, land buffer can save lives (12th March 2009) (Mirror)
Clear and present danger (24th February 2009) (Mirror)
95% of vegetation fires to date caused by human-related activities (24th February 2009) (Mirror)
Carelessness behind 95% of bush fires (24th February 2009) (Mirror)
Carelessness caused fires (24th February 2009)
Big forest fire in Tampines (22nd February 2009) (Mirror)
3 bush fires in a day (22nd February 2009)
Singapore not affected by haze in Sumatra (22nd February 2009) (Mirror)
Blazing Again (19th February 2009) (Mirror)
Bush fire watch (19th February 2009)
Bukit Batok bush fires keep firemen busy (1st Mirror, 2nd Mirror) (18th February 2009)
S'pore fires hit decade high (18th February 2009)
Haze is back, but blame it on fires in Singapore (17th February 2009) (Mirror)
Record high of vegetation fires in Singapore (17th February 2009) (Mirror)
Dry spell causes bush fires to surge to record numbers (16th February 2009) (Mirror)
S'pore bush fires hit record high (16th February 2009) (Mirror)
Lazy winds, hazy days (16th February 2009)
Smoke's in the air (14th February 2009) (Mirror)
Slight haze in Singapore, but PSI reading within good range (13th February 2009) (Mirror)
Fire razes forested area in Sengkang (10th February 2009) (Mirror)
Dry spell to carry on in Singapore (6th February 2009) (Mirror)
Bush fire at Tampines (31st January 2009)
Singapore: Driest January in 10 years (31st January 2009) (Mirror)
SCDF put out 146 bush fires this month (29th January 2009) (Mirror)

Seen on STOMP: S'poreans should know that Bukit Batok forest fires not easy to put out
Reddish sun in S'pore: Could haze and bush-fires be the cause? (18th February 2009)
Second fire at Bukit Batok captured on video (18th February 2009)
Fire so large that SCDF firemen take turns having dinner on-site (18th February 2009)
Yet another bush-fire at Bukit Batok (17th February 2009)
S'porean concern about Aussie-type fire disaster here (17th February 2009)
Bushfire starts despite earlier rain (17th February 2009)
Bukit Batok bushfire a surreal experience for fire safety engineer (17th February 2009)
"Terrifying to see huge balls of fire in S'pore" (17th February 2009)
Firemen battle hilltop bush-fire in Bukit Batok (16th February 2009)
Haze back in S'pore? Healthy PSI reading, but can still see and smell smoke in air (15th February 2009)
Look at the damage wreaked by S'pore's own bush-fire in Sengkang (12th February 2009)
Tampines bush fire so huge, it can be seen from Eunos (31st January 2009)
Trees on fire at Sungei Tengah (24th January 2009)