Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop littering and polluting our beaches!

Stop littering and polluting our beaches!
STOMPer Beachcomber was put off by the unsightly rubbish left behind at a beach in Sembawang and hopes that the relevant authorities will do something about the pollution.

He told STOMP via email today (Jul 15):

"These pictures were taken at the beach beside Jalan Selimang.

"On the field carpeted with grass I saw this pile of discarded plastic bottles, bags and food wrappers.
Stop littering and polluting our beaches!
"Somebody must have been burning here as you can see burnt ashes in an otherwise beautiful field covered with green grass.
Stop littering and polluting our beaches!
"There is a stream of water which flows into the sea.

"When I visited the beach last week I found that the water was tainted with oil and when the sun was shining, the water appeared as a stream of rainbow-coloured water.
Stop littering and polluting our beaches!
"I hope NEA will stop all these pollution and make our beach a better place for weekend visitors."

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