Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pigeons poisoned because people won't stop feeding them

Pigeons poisoned because people won't stop feeding them
STOMPer David was appalled to find that pigeon poisoning exercises had been commissioned near his home in Upper Changi Road recently simply because educational efforts to prevent feeding have failed.

Such knew-jerk solutions do not solve the problem but create more problems such as accidental poisoning of pets and other animals.

The sight of dead pigeons is also unpleasant and scary for young children in the neighbourhood.

In an email, STOMPer David says:

"This morning (July 13) at 12.35pm, I came across three dead pigeons and a dying pigeon at the back of Blk 28 New Upper Changi Road.

"This property officer later confirmed that the pest controller was told to carry out the poisoning as education of the residents to refrain from feeding the pigeons have failed.

"However, I feel that poisoning the pigeons is ineffective as these recalcitrant residents will continue to throw food down.

"These real human culprits must be the ones caught and fined.

"The knee-jerk solution of poisoning the pigeons is a waste of resources and also poses danger to pet dogs which may just eat the bread crumps baited with poison.

"A few kids who saw dead pigeons and the dying pigeon were horrified!

"The property officer must have the courage and patience to explain to complainants, including the RC members, that the most effective solution is still education and catching the human culprits."

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Do check out the video posted on STOMP.

This person does raise a very good point. This problem isn't exactly caused by the birds, which are merely responding to the fact that well-meaning people are offering them food. We can poison as many pigeons as we want, maybe even go to the extent of killing every pigeon in the neighbourhood, but it's only a short-term solution. As long as feral pigeons (Columba livia) exist somewhere in the vicinity, they're just going to keep flying in to replace those removed by poisoning. Ultimately, it is the people's behaviour which needs to be managed and controlled if this so-called pigeon 'problem' is to be resolved.