Friday, July 17, 2009

Killing of pigeons is last resort, public also has role to play, says East Coast Town Council

Pigeons poisoned because people won't stop feeding them
Pigeon culling is used as a last resort to prevent spread of diseases, says East Coast Town Council. A new standard of procedure has also been implemented so that pigeon carcasses will now be cleared after each culling exercise.

In response to a STOMPer's concerns over pigeon poisoning exercises at Upper Changi Road, the council also says that the measure is used because residents have not refrained from feeding the pigeons despite being told not to do so.

East Coast Town Council says in an email:

"With reference to the post 'Pigeons poisoned because people won't stop feeding them', we appreciate STOMPer David's feedback.

"The culling of the pigeons is always our last resort to curb the population of the pigeons.

"We have instructed our staff and pest control contractor to be more vigilant the next time they carry out such an exercise.

"They will stay on site to remove all dead pigeons and remaining breadcrumbs immediately, after the treatment.

"We have been receiving complaints on the nuisance created by pigeons in the neighborhood for the past few months.

"Although we have advised and educated our residents not to feed pigeons, the pigeon population has increased drastically.

"Some residents even try to feed the pigeons by throwing down food from their kitchen window which makes it more difficult for us to identify the culprits.

"Pigeon droppings are known to transmit Cryptococcosis and other diseases. Humans with weaker immune system are susceptible to such infections.

"We will continue to educate our residents and work closely with the National Environment Agency (NEA) to take enforcement action against the culprits, who fail to heed our advice.

"Once again, we thank the residents for their understanding and we will continue working together for a safe and healthy environment for our Town."

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Pigeons poisoned because people won't stop feeding them

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