Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So many dead fish washed ashore near The Oasis in Kallang

So many dead fish washed ashore near The Oasis in Kallang
The sight of so many dead fish on the shoreline near The Oasis at Kallang surprised STOMPer Ricky. He says that these fish are Tilapia, a species that is normally very resistant to pollution.

Here's what the STOMPer had to say:

"I was watching the sunset today (July 1) at about 7:00 pm near The Oasis in Kallang.

"I spotted so many dead fish washed up along the shore there. This is not normal.

"The fish are Tilapia, which are usually very strong fish that do not die easily. This means that the water must be very polluted in order to kill them.

"I hope the relevant authorities will look into the matter soon."

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I wonder if other forms of aquatic life are dying off as well, or if only tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) are being affected.