Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a strange-looking tree!

What a strange-looking tree!
A STOMPer noticed this tree with branches lying at a strange angle and would like to share with the rest why that is so.

STOMPer Arborist says:

"These pictures were taken at the East Coast Park.

"This tree called the Sea Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus) has branches that are very long and the stem gets tired after some time.

"So the stem has to take a rest and then re-grow at an angle, and so you see only an angled branch of a tree.

"The tree bears flowers with yellow petals which in the afternoon fade to a dull orange colour with a maroon eye.

"The capsules are spherical topped by the persistent sepals.

"This tree is found in beaches and mangrove swamps."

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What a strange-looking tree!

"The stem gets tired after some time"? Seriously?!

I'm no self-proclaimed arborist, but I strongly doubt the accuracy of his statements.

Besides, he fails to account for all the other normal-looking sea hibiscus (Talipariti tiliaceum) that can be seen growing in coastal areas all over Singapore.

I think it's far more likely that in this case, the original trunk had been broken off before, close to the ground, and that the 2 branches subsequently sprouted from the stump that remained. It might not be correct, but I think it's far more reasonable and plausible than some incredibly ridiculous nonsense about the trunk needing to rest after getting tired from having to support such long branches.