Friday, July 8, 2011

Timberland Earthkeepers Contenders

Nuffnang Singapore and Timberland Singapore held a blogging contest to send a blogger to Inner Mongolia and Sichuan as part of the Timberland Earthkeepers programme. Thursday (30th June) was the deadline, and it'll be an exciting time for me as I wait for the results. My entry can be seen here (Apparently, it got picked up by last Friday's edition of Friday Ark). And here are the posts written by other bloggers, which I managed to find through Google.

It's a really interesting range of blogs that have taken up the challenge; many of them appear to be lifestyle blogs which write about a wide variety of topics, as well as more niche blogs, such as a blog devoted to running, and a blog which focuses on cosplay. So far, it seems that mine is the only entry submitted from a bona fide nature blog.

Can't wait to find out which entry is declared the winner, and who gets to go on the trip to China with Timberland Singapore. Is it too much to hope that I win?