Monday, April 27, 2009

Branch hanging on for dear life

Branch hanging on for dear life
STOMPer Gohergeous was on a bus passing Toa Payoh East, when she spotted this huge tree with one of its broken branches hanging dangerously on the other branches.

She is worried that the broken branch may fall and hurt pedestrians or motorists walking or driving by under the tree.

Says this STOMPer:

"On Friday, April 24, I was in a bus when I spotted a huge tree which was damaged by last Wednesday's storm.

"The tree is located in front of the vacated Block 28 at Toa Payoh East.

"One of its branches cracked and fell but got stuck on the other branches.

"It looks very dangerous as it may fall onto the passers-by walking on the path right below the grassy hill.

"I wonder if anyone is going to remove it before it causes any danger to pedestrains or motorist."

Branch hanging on for dear life