Friday, May 14, 2010

Singapore, the haze is back!

 Singapore, the haze is back!
These two pictures of the Singapore skyline, taken from the same place on two different dates, were submitted by STOMPer Andrew West, who was intrigued by the difference in clarity between them.

While the picture taken on January 23 this year shows a clear view of the Singapore commercial district, the picture taken this morning shows only a hazy blur, with hardly a building in sight.

Data provided by NEA on its website shows that air quality has dipped since the start of the year.

The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) for January 23 registered at 31, or 'good' on the air quality scale.

On May 13, recorded PSI levels rose to 58, a 'moderate' on the air quality scale.

STOMPer Andrew West says:

"Here are two photos, one from this morning (May 14) and one from January, when it was clear.

"What a contrast between the two photos!

"This may make an interesting Story.

"Both taken from a high level at Holland Close (Holland Village)".

 Singapore, the haze is back!
 Singapore, the haze is back!

Based on the Regional Haze Map over the last few days, there have not been any major hotspots near Singapore. It appears that there have been isolated fires in parts of Sumatra, and some burning is going on in Indochina and Myanmar, but I don't think it is likely that these are major causes behind the haze.

I do wonder if there have been any outbreaks of bushfires locally though, given how warm it has been lately. However, it has also been raining quite a fair bit, so this might reduce the likelihood of bushfires.