Monday, June 22, 2009

Got any? 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman's body freed at Siloso

Got any? 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman's body freed at Siloso
Kotex® held a party celebrating womanhood at Siloso Beach on Jun 20. To mark the event, over 1,300 balloons were set free, setting a new record in the Singapore Book of Records.

A spokesperson for Kotex® says:

"Kotex® set free over 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman's body this Saturday (Jun 20) at the Life's a Beach party at Siloso Beach!

"This is a brand new record in the Singapore book of Records!

"This was done in an effort by Kotex® to get the conversation going with women, encouraging them to talk about issues concerning their body and life.

"Kotex® believes that women today are confident, sassy and smart; they excel in their careers, studies and hobbies.

"However, Kotex® thinks that women fall behind when it comes to awareness on body knowledge because it is still taboo among many to discuss their bodies openly.

"Besides dispelling the myths, Kotex also had four Learn About Truths stations (about Body, Periods, Sex & Sexuality and Love & Relationships) where women were engaged in an entertaining and fun learning adventure on their body and health.

"Kotex® hopes that by increasing body life IQ awareness of women and creating an avenue for self expression, the world will be a much better place for women.

"The young women, now empowered with life knowledge, can now go on to live their lives to the fullest, without being held back by any taboo."

Check out more photos of the fun-filled afternoon here!

Got any? 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman's body freed at Siloso
Got any? 1,300 balloons containing myths and secrets about a woman's body freed at Siloso

Oh dear. I just don't quite understand the rationale behind such an act. Sure, it looks pretty and all that, but it's a lot like tossing confetti without all the hassle of sweeping up the mess.

Ria has done an excellent short series of posts on the threat that balloons pose to marine life.

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Besides Ria, Darryl Kang aka DK has also blogged about this before, in response to past mass balloon releases.

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The balloon release at Pink Dot wasn't the fault of the organisers though, who apparently had volunteers going around telling attendees not to release the balloons. Unfortunately, it does go to show just how long we have to go before more of us realise that balloon release is a form of deliberate littering, just that the litter goes up first before landing goodness knows where.

Shame on you, Kotex. Sanitary pads and tampon applicators are already a source of marine pollution. True, it's not exactly the fault of the companies who manufacture these products, but I do wish that more could be done to develop biodegradable substitutes that would actually decompose after some time. And now, we can thank Kotex for adding over 1,300 balloons. I wonder how many marine creatures are going to choke on them?

Should we do anything about such instances of corporate-sanctioned mass littering?

Update: Ria has blogged about this latest incident of mass balloon release, while DK has also shared his thoughts about this completely unnecessary publicity stunt.


Jeffrey said...

Send your comments to conventional newspapers instead of blogging about it? Many people *still* think that bloggers are a minority, trouble making bunch .. lol

Better yet, write directly to Kotex or the agency that allowed Kotex to release ballons.

Because you can ... :)

DK said...

My blood boils when reading this. How long will it take before people start to realize that mass balloon release is also a form of pollution?

I hope Singapore book of records will reject this stupid record.

xenobiologista said...

If you use tampons don't use the kind with plastic applicators, use the kind with cardboard applicators that can be flushed down the toilet. I believe Kotex makes both types and the plastic kind is actually more expensive so I dunno why anyone would buy them.