Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long tree roots may damage overhead bridge

Long tree roots may damage overhead bridge
STOMPer Fearful feels that the long roots of this tree may damage the foundation of an overhead bridge at Woodlands Centre Road.

This STOMPer says:

"This picture was taken at the overhead bridge that links Block 6A Woodlands Centre Road to the HDB estate at Marsiling Drive.

"Both ends of this bridge have a winding staircase.

"At the end of the bridge, next to Blk 6A, I found this tree growing on the top of the bridge.

"The roots were very long and I fear that one day when the tree has fully grown, the bridge may be damaged or collapse.

"I hope LTA will remove this tree before it causes further damage to the concrete bridge."

Sembawang Town Council's response:
TC: Wild plant with long roots removed from Woodlands Centre Rd

Update: Complaint about danger tree on June 3, action taken to remove it on June 3 (4th June 2009)

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