Sunday, March 29, 2009

Instant palm trees may beautify dull Marina Barrage

Instant palm trees may beautify dull Marina Barrage
A STOMPer saw these instant palm trees near the Marina Barrage may help add some greenery to the otherwise dull concrete environment there.

He said:

"This picture of some instant palm trees was taken near the Marina Barrage at Marina Mall.

"Each tree has a base covered with earth and surrounded with a large white plastic sheet, held in place by strong wire mesh.

"As this area is very windy the tree needs extra support from the white guy-ropes that run from the top of the trunk to the wooden spikes driven into the ground around the tree.

"Perhaps these palm trees are to be planted in the Gardens by the Bay (still under construction) or near the roads in the adjoining areas.

"As the Marina Barrage is mostly concrete these trees will provide a welcome change to the otherwise drab environment."