Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Trail treetop walk affected by waterponding everytime it rains"

"Trail treetop walk affected by waterponding everytime it rains"
A regular jogger and visitor to the area, a STOMPer is upset that this trail leading to the treetop walk suffers from ponding, and says she hopes something can be done.

In her email to STOMP, the STOMPer said:

"I am a regular jogger at this spot, ( HSBC treetop walk, via Venus Drive ). Whenever it rains, water collected from the rain will remain at the pictured area. This location is at the start of the HSBC treetop walk, next to Venus Drive carpark.

"As you can see for yourself, visitors will have to get their footwear soiled/dirtied to cross this trail. The canopy this big tree is the cause of these, as it slows down the evaporation process of the collected rainwater. I have reported this to NEA fearing mosquitoes breeding. They replied saying they went to site to inspect, but found no breeding of mosquitoes. Still, the National Parks should do more to improve on these trails. I have some suggestions,

"1. use materials like those for constructing roads, as they will withstand the harsh weather and human traffic
2. construct a 2nd footpath outside the perimeter of this big tree, so that it would remain dry and usable at all times.

"I look forward to the relevant departments for their reply."

"Trail treetop walk affected by waterponding everytime it rains"

Great, yet another hypocrite who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature, while at the same time is squeamish about getting her shoes dirty. *facepalms*

In the first place, these puddles are able to form because of soil compaction, which results from the normal daily passage of visitors, including joggers.

If you don't wish to get your shoes dirtied while jogging, there's already a nice little network of parks, park connectors, and stadiums available.