Saturday, March 7, 2009

Native African plant is not flowerless, says STOMPer

Unusual sight: Flowerless plant blossoms

A STOMPer says that the plant, which STOMPer Jeffrey claimed had not borne flowers for the past 18 years, is actually a flowering plant that blossoms fortnightly.

This was in response to STOMPer Jeffrey's earlier posting, where he expressed surprise over seeing small white flowers on this plant.

The STOMPer says:

"I am surprised that Jeffrey has not seen the flowers of this plant for 18 years.

"The plant near my home was planted on a school's fence and it blooms every other week.

"It is called the Baphia Nitida which is a native plant of Africa.

"The flowers are bisexual, faintly fragrant and quite inconspicuous.

"The 5 sepals are white, modified into a larger rounded standard which has a splash of yellow just above the stalk."

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Unusual sight: Flowerless plant blossoms

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It looks like my initial suspicions about the identity of this plant were correct.